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We Are host.ynaps

At ynaps we preffer our clients first that is why we are having more than 10,000 happy clients.
Ynaps has only shared server but they are the best shared servers with unlimited domain, sub domain, email, bandwidth and cronjobs.
We can assure you that we are the best in market offering shared servers at most affordable prices and 99.9% uptime guranteed.

Highest Performance

Built on next gen architecture, our server infrastructure is super scalable with unlimited instances & capacity that caters to start ups and enterprises alike. 2N+N network redundancy with 99.995% availability, SLA & support. Guaranteed quality of service.

Traffic Booster

you can bet that the websites hosted on our server has more traffic than any other websites hosted somewhere else, as our server is capable of loading the websites in less than 3 seconds which is awesome for SEO.

Reliable Hardware

our servers are always upto date with the latest technology and we take care of your websites. All of our servers have 99.995% uptime guranteed. We have a team for webdevelopers and networking here which can give you persnalised help to all the extent for setting up the server for.

Our Pricing

We beleave that if you are paying more we should deliver better, your welcome ! :)
But here at host.ynaps we have cheapest hosting and with most premium services.
We bet you try once and then see you can switch, you wont like it you will love it.

  • basic

  • $ 2

  • 1 Domain
  • 5 GB Bandwidth
  • 2 GB HDD
  • 5 Email
  • 1 Database
  • 2 Cron Jobs
  • Email Support
  • 1 Backup
  • Vesta Cp
  • Order Now
  • starter

  • $ 2.5

  • 2 domains
  • 9 GB Bandwidth
  • 4 GB HDD
  • 10 Emails
  • 3 Database
  • 4 Cron Jobs
  • Email,Skype Suport
  • 2 Backups
  • Vesta Cp
  • Order Now
  • silver

  • $ 3.5

  • 5 Domains
  • 90 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 GB HDD
  • 15 Emails
  • 8 Database
  • 10 Cron Jobs
  • Email,skype Suport
  • 2 Backups
  • Vesta Cp
  • Order Now
  • gold

  • $ 6

  • 8 Domain
  • 200 GB Bandwidth
  • 15 GB HDD
  • 20 Emails
  • 12 Database
  • 12 Cron Jobs
  • Call, Email,skype Suport
  • 3 Backups
  • Control Panel
  • Order Now
  • platinum

  • $ 9

  • 20 Domains
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • 40 GB HDD
  • 40 Emails
  • 25 Database
  • 20 Cron Jobs
  • Call, Email,skype Suport
  • 3 Backups
  • Control Panel
  • Order Now

All Plans Include

Reliable Hardware

We have already promissed you that our servers are always uptodate and we have most reliable servers on the internet. You can be on our servers.

Vesta Control Pannel

We preffer Vista control pannel with file manager and all the other services like FTP,cron jobs,backup,addons,DNS etc

Web Suggestions

As we have team of web developers and graphics designer on the board so we can also give you best suggestions for better SEO and design.

24/ 7 Customer Care

We have 24*7 customer support we are reachable by email, skype, phone whatsApp all the day.

Search Engine Optimisation

Websites hosted on our servers have more chances to grow as have fastest and more secure servers availabe there.

99% Up Time Guarantee

We always make sure that our server is live and your website never goes down. We can promise you that you will get 99.95% uptime.

Free 30 Days Trial

We can assure you that if you do not like our service within 30 days your 100% amount will be refunded , but we bet you will love the service.

Weekly Data Back Up

We have automatic weekly full data backup for your websites.
  • "I have been using ynaps.host from last 2 months and i found the service really really satisfying with best support and suggestions."Jack NX
  • "Fantastic... and thanks for the help, really,
    I really appreciate the service and concern."Enigma

How to get your site hosted here ?

getting your website hosted on host.ynaps is very very easy and peace of mind.
host.ynpas is a peace of mind, no problems or extra care needed as we do it for you we care for you and for your website.
Follow the below simple steps to get here.


Choose a plan

Choose a plan from our great and scaleable plans, if you are confussed, just choose silver plan and then leave the rest on us.
Plans are just to setup the hosting acc, so that we can know how much resources do you need for your website like domains, emails, database, traffic etc.


After selecting the plan select your payment method and pay so that we can setup your hosting account.
if you are making payment other then in INR you should select Paypal else you can pay by by your preffered payment options.
All payments are secure and never saved.

Wait for an email

After you make the payment we will send you a confirmation email on your registered email and then within 4-6 hrs we will send you login credientials for your hosting account.

Setup Server

As you get the login details, please login to your hosting account and add your domain, setup DNS create FTP, database and upload the file.

Uploading files

After you add the domain and created FTP you can upload the files to the server by FTP like filezilla, and guess what your website is live and ready.

Test and enjoy

As you upload the file the site is ready now test everything and start your business online. send us an email if you face any kind of issue. we will also help you to reach more customers online.

Why Choose Us

Reliable Hardware

Our server hardware is one of the best and most reliable availabe there.

Unlimited Domain

You can add as many domains as you want with unlimited space and bandwidth.

Technical Experts

We have team for hosting, web development, seo and graphics too so we will give you incredible support 24x7.

30 days money back

we promise you 30 days no question asked money back gurantee. if we say no question ask we mean it !

Recognized Quality

We are proud of our quality servers and support. Quality is our speciality.

Great Prices

Prices on host.ynaps is the most afforbale prices availave there, we promise you that we have less than 2% profit margin on every sale.

What They Say

We always liten to our customers and then review our service so that we can give you the most satisfying service!

i am using the service from last 6 months and i found that the best part of the hosting is that i have a piece of mind my site is always up and that too from different locations.
Amazing, Amazing and Amazing !!! how fast my site is with half the price that i used to pay earier. The site is so fast and always availabe.
i had a problem with my website email i could not receive emails from my site then i called the support and they were so amazing that they fixed it in my site, they did some codes in my site and now i can receive the emails.
Skype support is so awesome they respond quick no 24-48 hrs waiting time.They also gave me some suggestions about the site and now my site is also handeled by the ynaps web team.The pannel for web is soo nice.

Contact Us

You can contact us anytime, for any reason, and you know what we dont have that policy to revert back within 24-48 hrs we respond immidiate.
We solve all your web related issues and help you understand your account.

Feel inspired and thinking to get in touch ?

do you want a website for your business we are here to help you just fill the form and we will reach you within 24 hrs. Trust us you will always love this time that you some how you got here and filled out this form. This can your best descision.

Need webhosting for your site this is the right place we have most reliable and affordable plan for you. The best thing is that you will get a piece of mind there is no need to switch to different hosting because we have all you want.

Need traffic for your site, wana get some one who can manage your facebook and twitter accounts or need to talk about something that might have inspired you, get it right now just fill this out and let the magic begin.

We have best customer support too, we are most friendly and likes to answer all your questions anytime. We are not looking only for sales but for people like you.

Guess what its free to contact us :) !!!

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